Classroom News

A Peek at Our Next 2 Weeks

On Friday we will celebrate our 50th Day of Kindergarten! We’ll enjoy a day of extra fun math activities—including “Race to 50,” a partner counting game. The card game “War” and Tic-tac-toe have been two other math partner games that we are playing so well!

We will also have three new Look and Say words this week: I, on, happy. New Sound and Say words this week: -am family words (Sam). Keep practicing the home reading practice pages! J


**Already learned:

Look and Say Words: the, see, a

Sound and Say Words:at family words (sat)


Awesome job reading both Look and Say and Sound and Say words! J J J



Wednesday, Nov. 22

  • Thanksgiving Feast of Friendship- Please bring 1 piece of fruit to share in a friendship fruit salad- already peeled/cut if applicable would be SO HELPFUL!! J


Thursday, Friday, Monday, Nov. 23, 24, 27

  • NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break
  • Please remember to send a snack with your child each day! J
  • Water bottles can come back to school every Monday. It’s nice to have them to hydrate our learning brains and bodies!! J J J

 The Seven Mindsets 

What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common? It’s how they think! This year we will learn and activate success strategies and empower ourselves to live the lives of our dreams! November’s mindset is…



This means that each of us is a unique expression of human existence, and that our lives should be focused on finding our individual genius and sharing it with the world to the maximum extent possible. We will make our dreams authentic, and they will give us the fuel to overcome the many obstacles we'll face along the way. 

          What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common? It’s how they think! In kindergarten we learn and activate success strategies and empower ourselves to live the lives of our dreams through our seven mindsets.     
  1. Everything Is Possible--Dream Big, Embrace Creativity, Think Positive, Act and Adjust
  2. Passion First--Focus on Strengths, Explore Your Interests, Make a Stand, Be Authentic
  3. We are Connected--Embrace Everyone, Maximize Positive Relationships, Build Your Dream Team, Lead With Value
  4. 100% Accountable--Own Your Life, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Focus Your Energy, Grow Through Life
  5. Attitude of Gratitude--Treasure Yourself, Be More Grateful, Thank it Forward, Elevate Your Perspective
  6. Live to Give--Stretch Yourself, Make a Difference, Receive Gracefully, Leave a Legacy
  7. The Time is Now--Embrace Every Moment, Get in the Zone, Let Yourself be Vulnerable, Act on Purpose

Notes from home are needed for all after school and/or bus changes!! Because your note goes to the office, PLEASE be sure the note includes:
  • Teacher Name
  • Child’s first and last name
  • Date of bus change
  • Parent/Guardian Signature

  • Please remember to send your child with appropriate outdoor clothing. Students WILL go outside every day for recess (sometimes phy. ed. also!) unless of rain. The playground can be windy and cold! It is important that they are dressed for the weather! Thank you!
  • **SNACK** We have snack time in our room every day. Please send a nutritious snack in your child’s backpack daily. All kindergarten students get FREE milk at snack time
  • School Spirit- Students are encouraged to wear Grizzly colors every Friday to show your school spirit! We have a great school store offering a variety of Grizzly clothing! You can also place orders online at the following address!!  
  •  “Show and Tell” is an exciting event in kindergarten!  Books, games, toys, insects, rocks, photos, etc. that are special to your child are all great examples of items he/she may bring. Please do not send any toy guns or other toys that simulate various types of weapons. Also, please do not send valuable or highly breakable things to school…you’d be surprised what those backpacks go through on the school bus! During Show and Tell, your child learns about questioning, critical thinking, problem solving, as well as language skills. It is also a “feel good” time of the day to share about themselves and what they are proud of!
  • Looking for fun websites to try at home? Try some of these!